Android and Apple touch pngs on server

Had to go onto our server files today and noticed there are dozens and dozens of files called Apple touch and android which I assume are being uploaded every time we publish our Sparkle site

I’m sure this didn’t used to happen but some are dated 2019 so it’s been happening a while.

Screenshot of just a few attached.

image image

Is it ok to delete them? Is there a way to stop it happening or overwrite them at upload?

Thanks for any advice.

Yes you can delete older ones.

Thanks Duncan,

Is there any way to stop this happening?

Sparkle does remove older files it know about. If you delete and recreate the publish settings this memory is lost. So everything remains tidy and clean as long as you don’t delete publish settings.

Ok thanks.

We never delete the publish settings but sometimes they are suddenly gone for no reason and we have to enter them again. Not sure why that happens.