Anedot Integration

It would be nice if Anedot could be integrated into Sparkle. It’s a solid fundraising system for campaigns, charities, churches and non-profits, to name a few.

Hi @TomJr, never heard of it. Do they provide embedding code?

@TomJr, Shhhh don’t tell anyone!..

I have a project under development and have integrated Donorbox and it works fantastically! I just embedded the generated code into a popup lightbox and it works like a dream - Bright Star Foundation, on mission helping the children of South Sudan []

That’s good, looks like it does political campaigns as well, which is largely what I use Anedot for.

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It appears so…

There you go. So copy the code it offers and paste it into the settings of an embed element.

OK, will do. But hopefully there might be enough support to make it part of Sparkle, but at least I have a way to do it. Thanks.