Animation controls

In general far more control on animations. But for now, I would do with the control over the traveling distance of objects, especially making it much shorter. Or am I missing something?

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Any plans to add animations to boxes, including wide boxes? Possibly even form elements such as the checkbox?

We haven’t announced any time frame publicly.

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You can group a ‘wide box/box’ with an ‘image box’ and add animation.

Yes, but doesn’t allow for the image to be full width.

Yes, you can do this… Make a ‘wide box’, import an image, make an ‘image box’ 1x1px, group with ‘wide box’ and then add animation to the group.

Thanks. Very helpful!

Any likelihood of allowing different animations for the same element depending on device size?

The usual per device visibility would be needed here.

I find that awkward, but maybe it is a more practical way to do it?

It’s the only way currently, so definitely more practical :slight_smile:

Conceivably we could differentiate animation per device, and many other properties as well. It hasn’t come up as big of a need as say changing border widths per device.

For more complicated animation I use Hype where devices can be pretty independent and link to those pages created that way. For the simpler ones, and probably for most use cases, there is no need for that. I appreciate that priorities are different, and keeping everything in Sparkle is the most convenient. Looking forward to the new things coming in Sparkle.