Animation: disappearing picture

For the website on the page: Diensten (Services) I have a picture of a 10 euro bill (under Taxes) and I am looking for the effect that this bill disappears in the distance while scrolling.
Tried everything in Sparkle, but I did not succeed.
Any suggestions please?


@BLB, I’m not sure you can achieve that with Sparkle if I read your post correctly, but have you tried the scroll effects / animate while scrolling / scale? If you scale it down to 20% or something it could look like the effect?

Yes Greenskin, I did try a lot of animations, but as a newby I obviously did not do that very well! Thank you very much for your help. I tried it again and now I found out how it works. It’s not completely what I want, but not bad at all.

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@BLB, Good to hear! :)…

Hi BLB, from my experience the solution is combination of Vertical/Horizontal motion, Scale and Opacity parameters in Scroll Effects. It takes a while to fine-tune the parameters.

You can see this effect in my tests where two water pictures interchange.


Much appreciated ZbR! Interesting possibilities you showed in your examples and for sure something to explore later, but in the mean time I found with the Scale option what I more or less meant. Again thanks.