Animations to have

Hi Duncan, is there any possibility to build some of the animations shown here?:

Would be really great stuff.

Thanks and regards

Not sure if Hype can do it, but the exported HTML5 works fine within sparkle…

I fully agree with @andredupke. Hype can easily create a wide range of stunning animations if that’s what you need. Hype’s output is standard HTML and javascript anyway, so you could build the complete webpage in the app. If you only wanted to create smaller animations to embed into a sparkle page, that can also be done. What has to be remembered is that Sparkle, although containing some animation elements, is a web design app - not a timeline animation app. In fact, I don’t know of a web design app that does have this facility.

Apple, on their website, uses a combination of ASVG (animated SVG), GIF, video, and HTML for all their animation. The iPad Air animation you reference is an ASVG.

You can’t create most of those animations in Sparkle. You use a third party app such as Hype (steep learning curve though), Apple Motion (motion graphics program) or Apple Keynote.

Apple uses their Keynote app for most of their animation. Keynote is actually an ASVG app that exports ASVG to GIF, video, SVG, and HTML (I’ve built full websites with it). Keynote doesn’t currently export ASVG directly.