Another Flamin'' Fig themed template drops

And another Flamin’ Fig themed template for Sparkle drops… mooDIGITAL

I loved creating this multi-page template with the dazzling colours and gradients to boot with a dabble of CSS transitions here and there. So check it out and enjoy! :slight_smile:

URL Demo :
Pages : 6 [including a Coming Soon and 404 page]
Devices : 1200, 768, 320px


Well done Hendrik, great job! Beautiful menu.

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Very beautiful design @greenskin.

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Thank you @Mart! :slight_smile:
I had a lot of fun and gave the menu a lot of love!

There are more to come as I build out our template shop for Sparkle! :)…

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Thank you @Nathan! :slight_smile:

It was to be cheeky and bold and I feel I have achieved it. I know Sparkle is still “growing” but I really love that I’m not at a disadvantage to all the other website development platforms, and I can express my design skillset. It is like throwing a box of legos on the table… I have the freedom to create what I want! :slight_smile:

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Hi All Sparkle(rs)…

We have gone ahead and further fine-tuned our Flamin’ Fig platform dishing up beautiful client-driven templates by adjusting the template pricing tiers. We have 3 tiers; wireframe templates, standard templates, and advance templates…

  • Wireframe are now : AU$49 approx. equal to US$35, EU$30, and GB$27
  • Standard are now : AU$79 approx. equal to US$55, EU$49, and GB$44
  • Advance : this is still to be finalised because of the hand-holding supporting bonuses

And don’t forget we also have free goodies that can save you time so check it out…

We are here for the Sparkle community and the great Sparkle app, so more than happy to help! :)…


A Flamin’ Fig templates gives you a full working website across the 1200, 768, and 320 devices. The template is also set up in “blocks” (aka div tags) that allows for grouped movement of content. So all in all the layout of the page is adjustable for your needs as well as the text and images that you can replace with your own content, saving you heaps of time! :slight_smile:

Template Shop URL :

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