Another Google Analytics/Tag question

I am confused as to which value to put in the Settings/Visitor Analytics field. And what does the Sparkle Settings/Visitor Analytics field drop down need to be when I click Done?

I have from Google Analytics GA4 tools a Property ID, Analytics ID, and Tag Manager ID. They are all different. I’ve entered each into Sparkle’s Settings/Visitor Analytics field, saved the project file and published. I then run “Preview” from Google’s Tag Manager (see screen shot where Preview is in the upper right). This brings up a pop up that I enter my URL which in turn has Google checking the URL for a connection. The connection fails – regardless of which value I enter and regardless of which Settings/Visitor Analytics drop down choice I exit the the setting.

I thought the right value would have been the Tag Manager ID that begins with GTM. And then I thought maybe it is the Analytics ID. And then I saw @FlaminFig say to use the Property ID in a previous Community post (Google Tag manager).

(Since the values were not working, I thought maybe it makes a difference if I leave the drop setting at Google Analytics 4 or Google Tag Manager. Changing them still had Google Tag Manager unable to connect to my site.)

So what value should I be using and does it make a difference what the Visitor Analytics drop down value is when I click Done?

Do I need to wait for a period of time before Tag Manager can make the connection?

It turns out the issue was my browser!

I have a Mac and primarily use Safari. When I tried the Tag Manager’s Preview on Chrome. Tag Manager connected – using the Google Tag Manager ID (whose prefix is GTM).

There must be a something associated with my Safari config that blocks Google Tag Manager.

The following is not Sparkle specific but may be of value to Sparkle users. Let me add where I got the knowledge to get Google’s GA4 analytics setup for my site…

I sat through the YouTube Google Analytics 4 Tutorial for Beginners (2022) - YouTube. The video is chaptered along the progress bar. Overall, teh presenter spends a little more than half of the hour going over (briefly) an overview of the screens. At about 40 minutes in, he begins to go over a step-by-step guide in configuring both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This lasts for about 8 minutes. I was bouncing back and forth between his tutorial and my site in following along so it took a bunch more time than 8 minutes, but still well worthwhile.

While I know Google Analytics is now connected and configured for my site, time will tell whether I have the (right) data to mine for the site usage I want to see.

p.s. As noted in my earlier post, I entered my Google Tag Manager ID (for GA4, my ID starts with “GTM”) into Sparkle’s Settings/Visitor Analytics field under Google Analytics 4 drop down menu choice. And as noted in other “Tag Manager” posts in this Community, no pasting of code is needed.

thanks for you info on this, most helpful :grinning:

Another follow up…

I see that I had a few days of no analytics done on my site. I knew I had traffic so I questioned whether I entered the proper value in Sparkle’s Visitor Analytics field which was the Google Tag Manager ID (number whose prefix is GTM).

Not knowing which of the various IDs Google produces when you get into the world of Google Analytics (Property ID, Analytics ID, Tag Manager ID, Stream ID, Measurement ID), I went to the code that Google says to put into specific pages/locations within your site. I thought it would have the ID number to choose.

Lo and behold, the Measurement ID was the one in the code.

So I changed the value I had in the Visitor Analytics field from the Tag Manager ID to the Measurement ID. Only time will tell if I am collecting data into Google Analytics or not.

I’m watching this thread closely as although I have Matomo Analytics working nicely for the life of me I cannot get Google analytics working - it used to under the older method!
Maybe coding has moved on since my day but its even difficult to find it in the page source code!
Really looking forward to hearing your results on this topic!

Actually, this used to work when I used the embedded field in Sparkle to introduce the Google Analytics code snippet!

When it comes to Google it is always a mess! Google thinks developers so its platforms are not made for the average User.

I’m doing this on a desktop…
For now (unless you move across to Google Analytics 4 that will replace the present system come 1.7.2023) to find your UA you go to and select your website analytics. To find your UA go to the Admin (the cog icon at the bottom left) and click. This will bring up 3 columns of information.

You will already see your UA at the top of the 2nd column next to your www address, but to bring this to a conclusion click on Property Settings in the 2nd column.

You will find your Tracking ID at the top of this page.
This is what you use in Sparkle under Settings / Visitor Analytics / Google Universal Analytics

Hope that helps!

Thanks but it didn’t get thing working for me, I’m using GA4 and still have the older system available for a while at least if needed!
What did work is reverting to placing the code (took a while to find it in Googles interface) in the Sparkle page with an embed element for all pages. Works well and gives good live views as well.
It seems that Sparkles built-in feature isn’t working for me and I did try your suggestions. I wonder who else is having problems like this and how they got things working for them?

We have no reports of GA4 not working, but if anyone following this has set up GA4 and it’s not working please post your website here or email us at and we’ll follow up.

I am going on a tangent as oppose to creating a new thread due to the closeness of the tangent.

Preface: I am a blind guy in a dark room when it comes to Google Analytics. I bang my head by watching GA videos until I find something that appears to work.

Hello. I’ve noticed my page_view data is no longer being collected by Google Analytics (GA4) while other data is. So, I’m confused as to where to look to resolve the issue.

Is it possible that there are GA4 limitations by entering the Measurement ID in Sparkle’s Visitor Analytics field?

I ask because other event data IS being collected. I have no added events and according to what I read in the Google tutorials, the page_view data is part of the suite of data collected automatically. I haven’t found anything via web searching regarding page_view not being collected. And if other data is being collected, I am now looking at Sparkle’s communication to GA4.

Is anyone having the same issue of not having page_view being collected?

Could you email us the relevant screenshots from GA? We’ll take a look.

And by the way your initial screenshot is of Google Tag manager, which is significantly more complex to configure. Maybe that’s why you aren’t getting traffic information in Google Analytics.