Another new site made with Sparkle

Hey there,
this is an new site i built with Sparkle. Do you have any suggestions for this site?


Hi @Steffi ,

It looks pretty good and I like it. It definitely has creative lines. I personally would like to see more CSS animations as you scroll down the page since you have blocks. I usually keep the animation duration around 2.2 since it make them look more sleek.

Make sure you replace Tanja Linke’s photo with a better quality one because you have others’ in high quality so it’s always nice to keep all the assets all in harmony as much as possible.

I like how it look on mobile but I would work on the menu you can keep the opacity a little lower especially for mobile users and I’d suggest you to keep the menu expanded on desktop while keeping it hamburger on mobile to give your visitors a better navigation experience since the content on the website is not too much.

I love how you used the shadows on each block but I’d play around with colors since it’s too much white and would love to see the content more popped out.

Lastly, give a just a little more margin on the contact form.
And of course, these are just my own thoughts and I hope you find some helpful parts in them.

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Thank you very much for the tips. When I have time, I’ll test a few of them. With the animations I have tried a lot. Unfortunately, it is difficult to understand in the German version, or to distinguish what exactly is meant.
Kind regards Steffi

You’re welcome. Here to help if any.

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