Any news about the new version of Sparkle?

Duncan, I’m curious to know if there is a lot left for the new version. Will we be able to find it as a Christmas gift?
No, because I have to make space under the tree…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess what I can share is Sparkle 3 will have over 50 new features, in addition to tons of fixes and smaller improvements.

We stand by our earlier announcement that we’ll be releasing Sparkle to coincide with the macOS Big Sur release. We don’t know when that might be, but presumably in October.


This is a great news! Can you tell me if the new Sparkle will be compatible with High Sierra?

Yes still 10.9 or later


Great Scott! GRAZIE!

With news like this, October seems so far away! :wink:


I felt that way about August. Then September.

Perhaps the lesson offered is that we can condition ourselves to HANGING, if we just hang long enough ?

Looking forward to Halloween.


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No teasers about some of the 50 new features that we’ll find in Sparkle 3…? :upside_down_face:

Hi Duncan. Can you remind us of the price of the future version please ? Can’t find the mail that had the info’.
Will there be an offer for upgrading or will we have to purchase at full price ?
Many thanks !

There are essentially three cases:

  • for someone who’s not interested in the new features, Sparkle 3 is a free upgrade, all the features you purchased keep working, and you get the free features we had previously mentioned (listed below)
  • for someone who has purchased after January 1st 2020, all new features (for the purchased tier) will be free
  • for someone who has purchased before January 1st 2020, there will be a price reduction on the upgrade

If you are a subscriber clearly all features are immediately available.

There is a single new feature (or feature collection) that is going to be a paid additions for everybody, including subscribers, I won’t say more at this time but you’ll find out why. Let’s just say it’s of limited interest.

From our earlier newsletter, the Sparkle 3 features that will be free for everybody:

  • Sparkle 3 will produce HTML and CSS that achieve higher SEO scores, just by republishing, with no change on your part
  • Sparkle 3 will let you select multiple elements on the canvas, and change their properties at once
  • Sparkle 3 will feature some small user interface refinements
  • Sparkle 3 will be able to make use of all the cores of your Mac when publishing and compressing images
  • Sparkle 3 will support connecting to SFTP servers with a key instead of a password
  • Sparkle 3 will let you designate a “reply to” address for contact forms
  • Sparkle 3 will let you activate Google Analytics immediately, without waiting for cookie banner consent

All very nice and I imagine that the new features that will be found in the new version will be worth the price of the purchase (and if there is to pay, I will do it), can you tell me only if you finally introduced a better page management system to create folders, subfolders and so on for those who have to manage dozens of different pages? Thanks Duncan


I can’t seem to find any posts about new feature list of the new update… is there a post mentioning these coming? But sounds for us that have been with you for very long time we need to buy again or subscribe… I need to have a reason to subscribe thus need to see a list of new features coming… and a better ETA of the release

I thought the release will coincide with Big Sur which I believe is coming out very soon (as in a couple of days).

But why this choice to release the new version with the arrival of Apple’s new operating system? Maybe version 3 will make the most of Big Sur’s architecture? Anyway I can’t wait to get my hands on the new version. I have a lot of websites to transform. Let’s just hope that the new version will have a better page management system for those who build sites with many pages inside. A solution like Adobe Muse would not be bad…

We were refreshing the Sparkle UI, then Big Sur was announced with a very different direction. It made sense for us to gear the refresh in that direction. We are now technologically tied to the Big Sur release (development tools, etc).

We don’t have a public feature roadmap. Everybody finds out about the new features when we release Sparkle 3.


I’m not sure about the “couple of days thing”. I expect MacOS Big Sur by the end of the month. Very end of the month. It wouldn’t be crazy to think it’ll get delayed until November, when the new Apple Silicon macs will start to get announced.

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I will be happy to wait for a good version of the app. Rather that, than releasing something just to “Get something out there and we fix the bugs later”. Too many companies does that (Yes, Apple I am looking at you) and at the moment we do have a version that works perfectly, so no reason to stress.

But I understand those that wants the new features and other goodies, I am one of them!

So after yesterday’s Apple event, where macOS Big Sur was not mentioned, it looks like we have another few weeks to go.

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Maybe they’ll announce at the Nov. 17 event?

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Do we absolutely positively have to wait for Big Sur to come out before V3 gets launched? If it doesn’t require Big Sur then why force the delay? I think you’ve got enough waiting customers who’d jump on-board immediately.
My .25 cents…