Any plans for an iPad app?

Hi there,

I am iPad only since May 2019. everything’s works fine so far except one thing. I can not edit my website I designed with Sparkle. So my suggestions / question is:

Are there any plans to develop this great piece of software also as an iPad app?

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Hi @benny,

we don’t discuss future plans, but thanks for the suggestion. It’s not the first time we hear it as you might imagine.

What hasn’t changed in 2019 is the questionable viability of iPad software, the software market is still very uncertain.


Oh ok, I was not aware of that. Since I’m not a developer, I had (unfortunately) never dealt with it.

But I think that in the future, the iPad will gain more and more importance. Not at least with the new iPadOS. I’m curious how this will develop in general and with Sparkle in particular. Many thanks for the answer!

Greetings Benny


You bring up a very good question. You can now get an iPad Pro with up to 1 TB of storage, and with a soft keyboard and a pencil, the iPad Pro seems to be positioned as an alternative if not replacement for the traditional laptops.

I’ve been cultivating a list of creative software to replace the subscription only Adobe Suite, which is how I came to find Sparkle. My other favorite new software is the Affinity Suite from Serif: Photo, Designer and Publisher, perfect alternatives to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and no subscription fees.

Currently Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are available for the iPad and for Mac OSX. It would be terrific if Sparkle and Affinity Publisher were also to arrive on the iPad.

@mOehlschlager, I heard an Affinity Publisher app is in the making! : ) I moved across to the Affinity suite from Adobe and have not looked back. I use all three for design and print and really happy with it.

I know it would be a bit of work to create a Sparkle app for iOS, but with the new iPadOS around the corner and Apple bridging macOS and iOS I’m thinking we could see one in the near future! :slight_smile:
And it would be awesome! :slight_smile:

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