Any way to make a text slider? (i.e., testimonial rotator)

You’ve probably seen these on many sites, where there is a testimonial slider that lets you scroll through 3 - 4 different ones. Any way to do this within Sparkle? (Maybe it needs embedded JS?)

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@WebRoyal, Yes you can…
What I have been doing is using the Image Gallery, and placing transparent png images files into it (say three I’m my case) and then selecting “Show Label” for each image which then allows me to place text over the top of the transparent png.

You have all the features of the Gallery element which in how I have set it up behaves similar to the testimonial sliders out in the wild, plus the text is searchable by the bots allowing for good SEO.


@greenskin Could you please share that example on a real website to see, how it looks like? Would be great. Many thanks, c.


This is so clever!!! :+1::smiley:
Thank you for sharing that tip.


@Carola, Yes sure…

I’m redoing (not complete yet) a clients website (from Muse to Sparkle) and I have the sliding testimonials set up towards the bottom of the website home page. There are three testimonials in total and all set up in the Gallery with 8 seconds delay allowing for reading, but you can also manually move them along with the dots. See what you think -


Thank you @greenskin Looks perfekt to me :+1::+1:

Even so it would be great to get more features within the next updates to get this done via text instead of pics, because this is what google is reading. And I would love to play a bit around with ‘special effects’…

@Carola, Thanks for you kind words! I have another 4-5hrs on it before I can call it.

I’m looking forward to some good added features on the next iteration! Now that Duncan got us loving loving loving Sparkle we are putting him under a lot of pressure but I feel assured he will bring out some nice goodies! :slight_smile:

With the sliding testimonials method I have shown you it is near to Google’s liking because the testimonial text sits in-between <p> tags which its bots can index. But you are right, testimonials is an important part of web design nowadays.

Thank you for this @greenskin!

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Just found this tip very useful and tried it, just to notice that it brings some kind of disturbance to the side, so I dropped it again… ^^