Any way to set a ID on a button?

I usually have an ID for my buttons, and this way I can track the button clicks in Google Analytics using events.

But, I can’t find a way to add an ID to the buttons in Sparkle.

Is this possible?

@WebRoyal, If you mean a Div id then yes. I use it to introduce bespoke CSS for my projects.

If you go to Settings/Miscellaneous/Code Integration, tick it and then hit done. Now go to your canvas and click on the button you want to track and go to top right Arrange/Code Integration… and that should do it.

Maybe you can enlighten us on this “events” technique with Google Analytics - I wasn’t aware of it but it sounds it could be very useful.


Yes Sparkle can do that. When you enable “Allow HTML element id customization” in the Miscellaneous site settings, you get a “Code integration” section of the arrange inspector of all elements, and in the case of buttons where the id goes depends on the button type.

For buttons with a custom look it’s going to be in the a tag:

<a href="" id="mybutton" class="f btn v3 s3">Button</a>

For buttons with a system look it’s on the input tag:

<input id="mybutton" type="submit" value="Button" name="button" class="js s3 submit">


I’ll make a video about how I use this to track events in Google, @greenskin. Thanks!


Thanks @duncan - love it. This program gets better every time I ask a question. :wink: