Any web designers for hire?

Hello Sparkle Community.

I am interested in hearing how much it would cost to have someone do a facelift on a recently launched blog site ( A pure blog site, I will not be selling anything and do not anticipate having ads.

I see your deliverables as:
• A home page
• A template for blog posts, regular pages, index pages, search results, contact page (I am assuming this would be a single design across these page types.)
• Pages that are mobile compatible
• A menu that aligns with the current in terms of organization
• A page design that can accommodate one to a maximum of eight buttons that link to a specific regular page. (This is not in the current published design.)

Please note that I integrate with Disqus for commenting functionality and I am currently exploring Mailchimp for email address capturing for new post alerts. I am open to suggestions on deliverables. In addition, I can do the grunt work of transferring the site’s content to the templates.

Please private message me if interested.

Thank you.

Sparkle is made to be able to make great things yourself, and with the templates made by others, there is already an affordable way to get a professional look to your website. So have a look at available free templates here: Sparkle Cafe | Free and Amazing Sparkle designs

If you don’t mention your budget and the wording “I will not be selling anything and do not anticipate having ads” suggest that there is a very minimal budget, I would be highly surprised if you would be getting any interest this way. I suggest to contact these designers directly to ask for a quote, if you can’t find something in their stock offering:

Hi Dave,
I know I am late to the party, but if you are still on the lookout for someone I would be happy to help you, as I am experienced Sparkle freelancer.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,