Any Zoom for iPhone variant

One of the features we were working on was the zoom for iPhone variant. Major pain to go back and forth between variants and zooming the iPhone variant every time. I believe this did not make it into Sparkle 3.0 correct?


@Woodrow, Not sure what you are talking about here?

For a correctly created mobile “device” there should be no need to zoom anything on a mobile screen.

Sorry @greenskin. Let me explain this fully.
You have a view of 120% zoom on the 960px variant
You have a view of 135% zoom on the iPhone variant

The iPhone view will not hold the 135% zoom as you go back and forth between devices. I really thought they might have helped us with this. Maybe later.
Hope that explains it well enough.



“They” being us? :slight_smile:

Sorry yes this is a pretty basic thing to fix. The question is when should the setting persist? Only when switching devices on the same page? Always?

I think the case where you zoom to 400% for something, switch device then find yourself back in 400% isn’t idea either.

What’s special about 120%? Is it “fit width”? Maybe it’s better to add that.

All this process is generally known as “what are you actually trying to do”, because as a user of the software most people only think about the immediate fix, the scratch for the itch. We try to understand the broader scope to make something more sensible and more generally useful.

Thank You @duncan. The idea came from a suggestion post, prior to Sparkle 3.
It’s a little tiring going from 100% in the 960 view, back to the iphone view, zoom in, back to the 960 at 100%, then to iPhone and adjusted zoom again.
In the workflow if one remained at a comfortable 960px view, made the entire website, then went to iPhone and adjusted view it’ll work.
I just won’t go back and forth.

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I’d suggest zoom should persist on the page you are working on. If one moves to another page the zoom setting defaults back to normal.
I do respect your points.

My common workflow for this one would be to design exactly what you want on the 960 variant on all pages. Then move along to the iPhone variant and work on those pages. Duncan has suggested this in the documentation and I realize why.
If your moving back and forth between variants when designing you’ll get tired of hitting your zoom keys.

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