Anyone have a one page site?

I have a relatively simple site for a music performer. 5 pages and not a lot of text. One gallery, no audio samples.
I’m considering a one page site, with links to different areas of the page. It seems like a simple solution. I’d like to make it highly visual as well.
Anyone have experience with a one page site. Thanks all.

@Woodrow, There are stacks of examples out there in the web, but you can see a couple at Duncan’s website like this one for example -

I have built a few here and there. I have also just created one with a extra layer or two which you can find over at -

The URL is now,, to the 1page website demo.


@greenskin you never disappoint. Thank you!

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This one is also related to the music industry:

Yes. I like that very much! Great opening graphic. I’d like to do something different for this client keeping a folksy presentation. Mixing some traditional country graphics with a more modern design. He loves pictures so I do have some material.
Thank You

Here’s also an example of a one page sparkle site I did for a friend

Another one

Here you go Bill.

Technically two pages as it has a landing page.

Built by a designer in Japan.

Make sure you turn on the sound.


Absolutely fascinating. How good is that!

Thanks everyone for the examples. Appreciate that.