Anyone interested in Designing for Me $

I am new here, beginning my own small business. Sparkle looks like a perfect tool for maintaining a website but with all of the other aspects of starting my business, designing the site or site template is something that is overwhelming me. I am wondering if anyone here would be willing to work with me to design it initially, with “filler” text and images and then pass the files to me to add the specific language and images that I would like. All the designers I have talked to want to use wordpress, wix etc and include ongoing management. I would just like help putting it together so that I can manage it going forward. With this community and the tutorials, I am sure I can handle that part. I have a domain and hosting location already, I have a professionally designed logo with high-res files available.

My business is Applied Behavior Analysis for children with Autism (ABA therapy). I have some ideas of the pages I would need, no forms, just informational with email addresses imbedded. I appreciate any responses :slight_smile:


Hi Mia, I can help. You can send me e-mail for details.

@Mia, Yes it is a WordPress world out there and for most designers/developers it is a quick and dirty process as they don’t design but push information into pre-made templates. So stick to your guns making it unique for what you want to offer online and then the great thing, as you have mentioned, is you are in control (without an ongoing expensive outlay to maintain it) in your websites upkeep.

I would suggest having a contact form which is far more secure than an inline email address. You’ll find that your inline email address will become a haven for spam bots.

Email sent - Thank you!

:frowning: Actually google kicked it back. Would you be able to contact me? Not sure how to get you my email without posting it publicly.

Thank you for that advice :slight_smile:

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