Anyone working on a Full Database for Sparkle?

I love Sparkle and thank you all for being involved with its development.
I would very much like to connect it fully to a database.

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@Simon949, Not me and I’m not really sure if the developers would be either.

Having been with those large database CMSs in the past, I’m aok not having to deal with them anymore and just rethink my projects to work in with the simplicity Sparkle offers.

Thank you and I understand.
Can you recommend any Database Drag and Drop Database ???

@Simon949, I wonder if @thetravelhikelife take on using “Pages” or “Numbers” could be of help to you. They also export content as html which you could embed and update from the application on the run because both apps are across macOS and iOS plus the web.

As for drag and drop databases, sorry haven’t got an answer for that.

Hi @Simon949, Can you give more information as to how you want to use the database and who would have access?

Pages and Numbers don’t export to HTML However, Keynote does. The advantage of this is that numbers and pages elements can be copied to keynote pages. In fact, you can create spreadsheet tables directly in keynote. Once you have a keynote file created, it can be exported as HTML.This will allow the HTML file to be embedded into Sparkle.

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@francbrowne, Thanks for the correction. Haven’t used it but was trying to remember what @thetravelhikelife had posted! :)…

@Simon949 I use, and setup for clients, Ninox. It’s a drag-and-drop database that is pro-level without the pro-level price. Ninox is made by a small team in Germany. They update and add new features constantly. Ninox is a Mac, iPhone, and iPad app the syncs all using iCloud. The only downside is the documentation and tutorials are weak. Download all from the App Store for complete compatibility.

I used to use, and for clients, Apple’s Claris FilemakerPro. But since its not in the App Store I no longer recommend it. I don’t know why, and Apple won’t tell me, but it’s the only Apple app not available in their App Store.