Anyway to change a menu hover state with a scroll anchor?

I have a single page site in which when the menu items are clicked the page scrolls to an anchor placed at that position on the page. Menu item names are just text boxes with white text and I used the scroll location feature. What I want is that when you click on say “contact” and are brought to the contact area of the page below, that the word contact changes from white to say dark blue. Anyway to do that?

I thought maybe I could use a menu box but that only seems to let you go to another page and not a scroll location. Example of what I’m looking for can be found at (click on any of the menu links and you will see text change and get underlined

The menu system is very flexible and allows for that. I suggest taking a look at the documentation.

In short, by default you have auto-added items which are linked to the corresponding pages. You can add your own menu items that link to anything, including scroll locations.

I think jfreestern wants to have that the menu items change the color and text style (here underline) when you scroll down the page. Like a marker “You are here”.
I’m too new in sparkle, so i can not tell how to do this.

Mr. F.

Oh yes I missed the “the word contact changes from white to say dark blue”. That’s not currently supported.

Ok. Put my vote in for more hover state capabilities. So just a thought, would it be possible with scroll effects to have a line slide in or appear under a menu item as the user scrolls to a particular location or would that be hard to line up?

You can try, but the scroll effects are generally referring to the viewport, so not super simple.