App store update

App Store update says error completing download each time I try to update Sparkle. Any fix or ideas for this issue?

Delete the application and try to download again.

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Thank you! Will that delete my current sites?

Of course not.

19, 20

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Same thing here: Error message is: Sparkle cannot be installed - try later (translated from German); I don’t dare to delete the app. What should I do in case a new installation doesn’t work?

:grinning: it worked! Deleting the app and reinstalling it… However the bug with the App Store should be fixed

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Thanks. It worked! Was just worried about it clearing out my data along with deleting it.

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I had several times the same problem, reported to Apple Customer help and didn’t get a solution, The same happens to me with other apps, so the problem is on the Apple side.

Yep, same problem here with App-store apps since about one week. After a while it suddenly works, again and then stops a bit later. Right now I am having problems downloading another app from the App-store. Definitely an App-store problem.