Appearance of BLOG Entry Page

I installed todays update and tried the BLOG function in a test file. It worked across all five formats. But before I dare to add the blog to my homepage I have a question.
Since I did not really know how a blog software is supposed to work I tried a lot of different things. (Giving new formats to lines on RSS page to have the index look like a magazine content page etc.) The result now is: When I add a blog and a new entry it appears somewhere down at 6500 pixels. The 3 input fields (date, heading, text) appear in formats I applied to them in previous trials. I have no idea how I did that.

Can I make a new entry to appear somehow near the top of the page? Can I make them to appear in the right format? Or did I mess up something more serious.
Thx, Thomas

Hi @thomasf, sorry I’m not visualizing what the problem is exactly. Please send us the project file at and we’ll look into it.

Hi Duncan, I mailed a reduced copy of my file, still very big.
Something minor: An asset marked for “all pages” will appear in the blog pages as well. As it should, I guess. But for deleting I have to go on a blog page. Deleting this thing on an other page will not delete it on the blog.