Application of predefined formats

I use the possibility to create format templates.
Now the some strange behaviors occurs:

  1. Pre-defined format type will not be applied
    I write a text in a text box of a group and then select a predefined format type. But the text does not take this format type. It appears as if the text is locked against these format changes. If I then set the settings of the predefined format manually, the format of the text changes and if the change is complete manually, the asterisk behind the predefined format type specification also disappears

  2. Predefined format type returns an unexpected result
    I define a text-box, write text, define a new format-type. I work with this format-type and other format-types inside the text-box without problems. Then I create other text-boxes, group them and put all in one layout-block. Now I create another new layout-block with a text-box. Write text in these text-box, marked the textline and changed to one of my previous well-defined format-type.
    Now the marked textline appears in a new format, but not the pre-defined one. Instead textcolor in black in yellow, instead 18pt in 6 pt etc.

What am I doing wrong.?
I assumed I could work with these styles in a similar way to LibreOffice or Word?

Hi @MMU,

I understand you are referring to text styles. But I’m not sure in which case it’s working and in which case it’s not. Perhaps you can email us a short video showing the issue? You can use the system provided Quicktime Player to record the screen, and email it using to



Predefined text styles apply per device individually, especially the font size.

It seems to me that you have changed from 960 px layout for desktop to 320 px layout for smartphone. This is exactly the factor 3:1, so an 18 pt font becomes a 6 pt font.

This can be easily fixed by resizing the font to the correct size in the 320 layout and applying the change in text style. Then it will stay that way.

Mr. F.


Even I work with these both layouts, this is not the case.
I define the text style in 960 px and see these behaviour in these solution.

I’m trying to make a video of how @duncan described it.
But thanks


We need more informations and details.
Do you have the sync option active?

Mr. F.


  • I synchronize text attributes across devices.
  • PC (960px) and Smartphone (320px) are the only custum layout. All other not present.