Are we waiting for the Update to 5.0?

Yes, at least I am!!



Come on guys - work - not wait :rofl:

Uwe, don’t tell me you are not waiting!!

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I have now watched all youtubes available. OUT THERE. In the worldwideweb. I have also printed the internet on DINA4 … :joy:

Haha! Did you print YouTube videos on A4 paper? That can help you pass the time a little longer… :joy:

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I let chat gpt write the transcription of all youtubes

In Germany the day will soon come to an end. I would like to get rid of my last money at today :innocent:

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Yeah i do suffer the same way, wnt to spend my last dime

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Thanks all, nearly there.


That sounds like the day after tommorrow!

It just arrived :smiley:
Now exploring …

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Many thanks!

I still have 2 questions:

Will the German website be updated soon and will there be an upgrade offer from Sparkle 4?

Many thanks

You have the upgrade offer on the bottom of the 5.0 page or at the licensing window of sparkle.

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Hi @giorgino, yes the german site will be online soon. Yes you need to first upgrade Sparkle to v5, then from the license window there you can buy the upgrade at a 50% discount.

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Wow, cool :grinning:

I think I will first delete version 4 and then reinstall version 5.

Guess we will wait a bit for the working download? Anyhow, I am pacient.