- new page made with Sparkle

Hi to all of the Sparkle-Community:

I present you my new page: (english)
there are two sections, the architecture and the photo&graphic:

enjoy, and if you like, give me some feedback

greetings from Dominican Republic


Great. Congratulations, a very attractive and colourful site. Wish you a lot of success!
Best regards

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Thank you Adrian! You are welcome.

@arteventura: Manuel really a nice website! How did you construct the menu? Did you make a separate site. When you click on the 3 points it just comes on the site you’re just standing. I am quite curios about that, because its really elegant. Thanks if you could share it with me.

Hi Geneprofi,

the menu I used are all POP-UP in every device and the settings are:
(sorry my Sparkle is in spanish)
Important: in every device, there are other dots, visible on all pages of the section, and so the dots for mobile, opens on every page just the pop-up for mobile… the dots for tablet vertical just opens the pop-up for tablet vertical and so on…
AND: it is worth to make all elements visible (small eye in the left corner) and check in every device the lenght of the menus for the other devices (the ones of the other devices you can make very short. I did not do this first and this gave me the problem that some shorter pages could not be shortened because the other (invisible) pop-ups were larger.

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Mmmmh thanks a lot a good idea to use the pop-up. Only I tried it also with a pop-up, but then I have go configure it from every site. So if I have mor sites, I have to repeat it, it seems strange to me, because usually you should use the pop-up from every site. But I will find out… Thanks anyhow Manuel. Eugene

Hi Geneprofi,

no, it is not necessary to repeat the pop-up for every page, only for several devices… (even that, in some cases can be resolved with only two different, pop-ups. For example my web: does have a thin menu un top. It is the same pop-up for Tablet-vert / Tablet-horiz / Desktop … only for Mobile I hat to create a proper one.

BUT what is important in order to get the pop-up available on every page of the section (or in every page of the web), you say that the MENU-ICON is visible on all pages of the section (or on all pages of the web)

by the way: sections are a good way to structure your web and if you don’t want to use other elements on some pages, you just put them to a different section and choose: “show on every page of section”