Audio playlist alignment

Hello, please advise.
I need to display a playlist on Popup with the option to play a specific song.
I have typed the list in one text box and inserted and aligned the play buttons in front of it. When I check it in the mobile view, it is not aligned. I tried fine tuning it via the Line height / Space before / Space after functions. In Sparkle everything works ok, but on mobile it doesn’t align.
I tried a different way of aligning the songs with the playback by creating a new line for each song and grouping and aligning with the play button. This method works, but again I’ve hit something I don’t know what to do with. When viewed on mobile, all the play buttons are displayed, but the complete playlist is not displayed. The bottom part is missing. It only gets rendered when the screen is scrolled.
Do you have any advice on how to fix this? It’s quite important and I can’t think of a way around it anymore. I’m sending a picture with the settings and display of both options.
Thank you very much in advance for the answer.

Hi :wave:t2:

A quick adjustment in the settings should solve your issue:

Site Settings > Miscellaneous > Mobile Auto Scaling > Disable

Good morning Allan, thank you so much for the advice, it helped. I had been struggling with this for two weeks and was getting desperate. Have a great day.

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You’re welcome! Thank you, have a great day as well :blush: