Audio Title and Description

I’ve searched but not discovered a way to enter Title and Description to an audio file that will be displayed to make it simple to have a list of audio files on a page.

I’d like to suggest this for your future plans, thank you!

Have you considered using something like amazing audio player? The free version is perfect for making playlists. The only difference between the free and paid version is a small link in the interface that takes people to the website.

It’s a really simple option and can be embedded into your Sparkle project with the Code widget.

Brilliant, Frank! Many thanks.

Just a little tip when embedding things like the audio player into Sparkle. Always embed using an iFrame rather than following the instructions of the developer. This is simply because it is so much easier to do. At the moment, Sparkle doesn’t give you the option of embedding code into different parts of the web page (such as the head or footer) - it only gives you the option of pasting code into the body of the page. Therefore, the iFrame option is the way to go. Just copy and paste the following code into a code widget in Sparkle:

<iframe src="audioplayer.html" style="border:none;height:300px;width:320px;" title="Audio Player"></iframe>

Edit the code with the height and width of the frame as you want it in your page. If you are creating a mobile version of your site, you don’t want your iframe width to be more than 320 px. Although the player app creates a fully responsive player, this isn’t going to work in Sparkle pages.

When you come to publishing your website, publish it to the same folder where you created your audio player files. This will ensure that all the various files and folders are relative to each other. You can then upload the contents of the folder via ftp to your server. You will also be able to test that your site, with its player works correctly before uploading.

Hope this helps.

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@francbrowne wow… good tip about the iframe… I was wondering about that.

There is in the meantime a limitation.

There is always some limitations to the free versions of many apps. However, if audio players are important is may be worth paying for the enhanced version. Alternatively, you could create a number of separate single track players and add them to your project with individual ID’s - It’s not a convenient solution, but it’s an option.

Thanks for the answer.

If it’s a one-off project, just tell me which skin you want and the number of tracks and I’ll be happy to create the player for you. All you will have to do is add your audio files in the appropriate directory and add some title information to the track list. This will have to be done outside of Sparkle, but I will include info on how to do it.

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Thanks for the suggestion but what is your use case? How is entering title/description as part of the audio player solving the use case better than putting them as text next to the audio player?

That would be the normal way to go @duncan and is a very simple option. I read into the original post that the OP was looking for a single player with a playlist option. If I got it wrong, then the text label at the side of the audio player is the way to go.

Responsive HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist (I assume that is a skin?)
31 Tracks

This would be a perfect solution to my need. Appreciate your willingness to help!

noel jones

@najaago - Sent you a Private message - please check and revert back

My final solution. Wanted two columns of text on the right - the second with the source book, but was unable to get them to line up consistenetly but this will work.

Hi Najaago
just what I did.

It was so easy to create, thanks to Sparkle.


I thought I did what you did and was very happy until today when I tried to make the website also function on Portrait iPhone…and I’m in trouble! It’s an official mess.

Could I have a screenshot of your page so I could figure out how to make it work - I was going to email you, but when I saw your site and clicked on PHOTOGRAPHY I was knocked clear off my piano bench!


Hi Noel
Thank you for your kind comments.
Regarding the Music site, I didn’t do any alterations for Mobile within Devices, as I found it worked ok. The only thing I did was group each “song block” to make it easier to add new ones.
Attached is a screenshot.
I’ve also emailed you my Sparkle file to your Frogmusic email address off your website, so you can look at it. Hope it helps

If you need anything else just ask.


Yes Sparkle is a fine website builder. You have made very nice music. I tried to place Music as well.
Grtz Ton