Auto Save + .DocumentRevision-V100

I am mainly still working on Yosemite.
Because one of my Data drives got fuller much quicker than expected, I checked it with WhatSize and found a folder called DocumentRevisions-V100-bad-1 - size about 2 GB. After googling I found that it was obsolete (that’s why bad) and I could get rid of it.
Checking all my Data drives and partitions (old Mac Pro) I found 5 more of those “bad” folders but also invisible .DocumentRevisions-V100 folders on each of those drives, which I couldn’t manipulate in any way.
I quickly looked into one of the “bad” ones and saw several .sparkle files, but deleted it anyway thinking that I would inspect the “non bad” ones - which is just impossible!

My question: Why do I have so many large invisible, unmanagable folders - one on each drive (even without OS on it)? Does it have anything to do with Sparkle? And if so, is there a solution to avoid this?
Does anyone of you Sparkler out there have a .DocumentRevisions-V100 folder on your data drive? Or am I the only one?

PS: All those folders were created either in October or November of last year. They didn’t exist before. Only the one in the Yosemite (OS) Drive is older.

Hi, I do a lot with macs and I have never heard of your problem.
Are you aware you’re causing lots off trouble yourself by running new apps on an obsolete operation system.
No wonder you have issues, I can highly recommend update your OS and your problems will disappear.

This comes up very rarely, maybe 4 times in 8 years.

The problem has been first publicly documented with relation to Sketch:

You can delete older versions of your project by doing this:

  • open your project file in Sparkle
  • open File → Revert To → Browse All Versions
  • once you are in the version browser you can go back to previous versions of the document
  • on each older version of Sparkle you can select File → Revert To → Delete this version

This clears out older versions of big files.

Deleting DocumentVersions, as suggested in the article above, is safe in that nothing crashes, but it’s also heavy handed in that you lose all old versions for files, which is sometimes useful.

You can disable document versions for just Sparkle by entering this in the terminal:

defaults write eu.riverdesign.sparkle ApplePersistence -bool no

or globally:

defaults write -g ApplePersistence -bool no

Thank you Duncan for your quick reply and explanation. Yes, I found a lot of older versions by “browse old versions”. What I wasn’t able to do is “Delete this version” as I couldn’t find how to select that. “Browse all versions” opens a new screen where there is the current version on the left and the collection of the older versions of the right. But either my screen is too small (ordinary HD screen) or I am missing something, as I can only RESTORE an older version with the button at the bottom, or click “DONE”, but I can’t find
File → Revert To → Delete this version
Can you help me please with this problem.

Hi MiWe,
your answer was not helpful at all, and as you don’t know my reasons why I have to stick to Yosemite, I was slightly annoyed. But thank you for reading about my problem.

It’s well hidden, that option in the File menu is only visible while browsing versions, it’s not normally visible.

Sorry if I seem to be stupid: Do I have to revert to an old version to be able to delete it? Doesn’t that overwrite the current version?
When I am in the new screen with the current and all the old versions there is no menu on top. Is that the problem? And if yes how can I solve it?

I realize this is a less known part of macOS, but it’s still macOS features.

Anyway browsing old versions doesn’t restore them until you click restore.

The menu bar at the top appears when you move the mouse there.

Thank you Duncan: The appearance of the menubar helped :heart_eyes:
Now I am about to erase all the non essential old versions. They are large - each takes 60 Sec to load before I can erase it.
And I had to learn that I can only use your terminal thing AFTER getting rid of the versions.
Thanks for your help. As always: FIRST CLASS SUPPORT!

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

So you just open terminal and copy and paste in the window that comes up, that does it??

If you mean that what Duncan mentioned, yes

I’ve never worked in the Terminal before. Sounds kinda Terminal to me. (I am nostalgic for the pre-OS9 days.)

So why doesn’t Sparkle have a preference (like that Sketch designer suggested) to disable the DocumentRevisions-V100 or whatever it is?

Like I mess with the Terminator, paste in the arcane code “defaults write eu.riverdesign.sparkle ApplePersistence -bool no” and the Terminator doesn’t even give me a SUCCESS emoji!!