Autofocus INPUT field

How can I have an input field set to autofocus? I want to have the cursor placed inside the text box as soon the page is loaded. Then people can start directly typing without having to move their cursor (mouse) first.

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@HPee, Is this a specialised site for an intranet setup? I haven’t come across this on the internet, but I’m thinking for a new user it might be somewhat confusing that they need to eventually click outside the text box field to use the site?

I’m imagining you would need a small bit of clever HTML/CSS and javascript to accomplish this. From what I know of Sparkle it is something not achievable unless you add code to make it happen.
Sorry that I couldn’t help with this…

If you go to, it defaults in the search box. I want something like that for a customer.

In HTML-5, you can do this with the attribute autofocus, like:
input type=“text” name=“fname” autofocus

I was hoping for an option in Sparkle to do the same. A workaround is a piece of javascript that I can put if the code-box (embedded container) to force the focus on that field. But I prefer to keep it clean from coding.


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@HPee, Well how about that! I don’t use Google for searching instead I use Ecosia (helps to green our planet) so I wasn’t aware of it. But it is very specific to that one action that a user would come to perform.

You would need to embed code to make this work, but give a shout out to @duncan, maybe he can help further with this…

Not currently possible unfortunately.