Automatic image "selection" in gallery

I can almost duplicate a Muse slideshow of a certain form with a gallery and associated pop-ups for each gallery entry (invoked by the image being selected). Think “side-by-side user illustrated tutorial”. However, switching an image in a gallery doesn’t “select” the new image, so I can’t run the associated pop-up.

I don’t need the slideshow to do anything except invoke “selection” on the pop-up image item (I expected it to be automatic, but I can see reasons it might not be) so I can use the existing “Open a Pop-up” in the image setting to make an associated popup appear just by changing the gallery’s item. Selection happens manually now (clicking or tapping) for a visible image, but not when using the arrows or the dots.

Am I missing something? If not, how about a “Auto-Select” option for gallery images that might need it?

Hey @JBTexas welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to picture what you are getting at… Is it possible you can show us an example?

Here’s Muse version of 7 step tutorial, and closest (so far) I can get in Sparkle. Proper “stacked” pop-up isn’t displayed when changing gallery image - until you touch/click the image. Otherwise, it’s essentially the same presentation. Adding optional “select at disclosure” to gallery image setting would do what I need.


OR… My initial instincts said that the Image Gallery Selected Image setting of “Open Popup” should, on disclosure of the selected image, open the designated pop-up without a special setting or manual intervention - clicking/tapping the image. My initial instincts were wrong.

I understand that not all (or other) options should be activated on disclosure (Zoom in Lightbox, Open a page, etc.) - just, perhaps, the Open Popup or Close Popup options.

Mmmm… Maybe you could try the following…

  • Create 7 images of your phone with empty space to the right as png files
  • Placed in Image Gallery you can now tick “Show Label” per image
  • Now create your “label” content in the assigned images
  • And possibly place a Box coloured white behind the Label?
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actually you could do this using popups. You would have buttons controlling the logic (which would be the < and > of your muse example) and have each image in a popup. You could even be more creative with it and do some crazy stuff.

You would have the entire structure in each popup (even the buttons), so then you can control their logic. Just remember that the < button must open the previous popup and the > button must open the next popup.

I might to do an example for you if you’d like.

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This is a terrific idea, and I just implemented it. Turns out the label can be about as large as I want, it can reside outside the gallery footprint, and it preserves text and paragraph formatting in the label. It does preclude a nice look when using a “slide” transition (cross-fade seems nicer anyway), and it doesn’t seem to work in the local preview, where it misplaces the label’s leading edge along the leading edge of the gallery letterbox area.

Thanks for this help. Onward!

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I’m still playing around with this… Thanks for the help. I actually prefer popups if they could be integrated with the gallery because I can put anything I need in them… images are optional.