Automating the creation of useful Image Labels in Image Gallery

Many of my clients use lots of photos and consequently I am learning to make extensive use of the Photo Gallery. In the past I used CMS solutions because of flexibility in the gallery controls to swiftly achieve the desired creative results. I am moving to Sparkle to remake these sites and I am struggling with the need to label each image with its filename (sans the extension) or otherwise to swiftly generate serialized (and meaningful) text labels for each image in my galleries. Some of my galleries must push 20, 40, 60 images and the current process of manually changing the default “Label 1”, " “Label 2”, etc is incredibly tedious requiring many clicks and scrolling back through the thumbnails in the Gallery Collection for each image. I hoping there is something I have overlooked in the Copy Label settings to either set a default name and serial number start value or if I perhaps can edit specific metadata in the photos prior to importing that the Show_Label setting will latch to. Have I overlooked something? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Also, it would be most helpful if the “Zoom Image in Lightbox” offered a flag to display the defined Label in that Zoomed Image as well.

Hi @googull, the smart fields are built for that, though I guess what you call “serial number” is missing.

The idea is you make the text label identical on all images, using the copy label settings, but using smart fields you can have different actual content.

If you can edit the metadata, the EXIF smart fields can show that, say the image description.

Noted on the showing the label in zoomed mode.


Thank you @duncan the smart fields were exactly what I was looking for! After testing this I realize that a serial number would rather challenging to implement. This need could easily be satisfied with access to the location value of an image in the respective Image Gallery. e.g. a text label for the 4th image in a Gallery using such a Label with a smart field as “BIM-Q”(Gallery Position) would yield the result “BIM-Q004”, etc. Of course such a smart field would only have useful context for labels inside an Image Gallery which is only where I need them and as well the result to show in the “Zoom Image in Lightbox”. Anyway, thank you for the swift reply and consideration.

For anyone interested in using image EXIF to feed the Sparkle Smart Field [Image Description] that field maps to the field titled [Caption] inside Adobe Lightroom Classic and I assume similar for Photoshop.

Ah interesting thanks. Definitely something for the documentation. “Image description” is the official EXIF name.

A nice to have feature :grinning:

Does anyone know where to add this in Affinity Photo? Or in XnView?

Mr. F.

Mr F - The metadata in the attached image was assigned using Adobe Lightroom Classic - setting the field [Caption] = “GOOGULL”. The macOS Finder Info Window displays that value in the field titled [Description]. You should be able to open this image with your Apps to decipher the same.

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Thanks for the answer.
In the meantime, thanks to Google search, I also found how to do it with Affinity Photo and XnView.

Can it be that this information in sparkle is not automatically renewed when you change this in the source file of the image? You have to remove the image, reinsert it and reinsert the smart field.

So best to enter everything carefully before creating a slideshow.

Mr. F.

Yes, that was my finding as well. I had to preload the metadata BEFORE adding the images to the Image Gallery.