Backgeound video

Hello everyone,
I placed a background video on my home page.
Now when I go to the page, the video doesn’t work. If I go to another page for a moment and jump back to the home page, then it starts to work.
How can I make the video start immediately.

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Hi @AutorinCarola,

sorry for not replying to your earlier message.

My guess is you might have unchecked the “Mute” flag in the page background video settings. It’s strange that it works the second time, after navigating to another page and back.

Thanks for your answer. The video should run WITH sound on the home page. On the other pages without sound. When I click “Mute”, the video plays now, but (on the home page) no sound.

But it can’t. No video will auto-play with audio on modern browsers. The Sparkle user interface only partially communicates this currently, we will improve it to make it more clear. In the mean time you can achieve autoplaying video only by muting it.

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Thanks for your information.