Background image

Is it possible to use an image for the background?

Yes, please read the documentation.

I could not find … I am enclosing a screenshot, for the background there is only a choice for color, and in the content ‘non’, ‘built in pattern’, ‘custom pattern’ or ‘video’.

Hi @acbee,

we don’t support an image directly on the page background, if not as a repeating/tiled pattern, because the image ends up stretching uncontrollably.

It is easy enough to create a full width box, make it as tall as the page, then set the image as the background for the box. By locking the box you can also make it not interfere with further editing in the canvas.

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@acbee i was not aware you meant the page background. Duncan also answered already on that.

thank you very much duncan! :sunflower: