Bak.bak a Sparkle Thing or Malware?


I decided to clean up my share host account as I have far too many redundant folder/files etc and apparently some malware too (!) according to my host. I found a suspicious looking file index.html.bak.bak that I deleted and now my home page has disappeared. So my question is - is bak.bak a Sparkle thing or does it sound like my site was compromised?

I’m not overly tech oriented so my apologies in advance if I come across as a bit clueless about this!

Any light you could possibly shed would be truly appreciated <3

Nothing sparkle related but no idea why the home page would go missing. I’d suggest republishing.

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Thank you Duncan. I republished but that strange file keeps coming back. But at least I know it’s nothing to do with Sparkle so I can eliminate that from the mystery.

You can ask your web host. Maybe they have some server software that does that for some reason.