Bars at the side of photos

Can anyone offer any light on this problem - in Live Preview some of my pictures now have a grey bar, (like a scroll bar but it isn’t active), down the side of them? My currently published site does not have them.

Correction, they are active - they just don’t serve any purpose!

I’m thinking @Wallworx your images don’t fill its container dimensions.

Click on the image and go to the right hand panel and click onto “Fill” and tick “Stretch”. That will have your image fill out the container it finds itself in.

Thanks but they are all set up to ‘fill’. It seems only to be the gallery pictures that are affected (?) Also they are unchanged from my earlier published site but only have the bars now. I have upgraded though albeit still the same ‘version’

Hello @Wallworx

Would you mind posting a link to the website where we can see this?

Mr. F.

Not at all, although they don’t show on my published site, only in Sparkle Preview.

Alright. When it happens only in preview: which browser?
Could you take a screenshot and add it here as well?

But the best thing is that the live page is ok :smile:

Mr. F.

Oh @Wallworx you forgot to mention it was the image galley…

It is the same for the Image Gallery. Have you clicked on “Letterbox Fill”? As mentioned before with image, this will have your image fill out the dimensions of the Image Gallery.

I have just discovered it is when the site is displayed at larger sizes. When I zoom out the bars disappear. Sorry, a couple of the bars aren’t visible here as the pics are in transition…

Yes, the letterbox fill is set up also…

I may need to publish in order to see it on various devices

What you have screenshot looks like the container is vertically too short for the image allowing a vertical scrollbar to appear. If you give the Image Gallery height does it go away?..

I have discovered that the bars come and go depending on the size at which it is viewed. The pics are shown in their entirety height-wise and so increase with the size of the box relative to the size of the page with the same ‘crop’. Therefore there seems no need for a scroll bar - there is nothing to scroll to

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