Beginners questions about blogs

Hi everybody! I hope somebody can help me… I searched and read all the community posts and replies, and still have problems with the blog feature…
I can´t seem to do a quick 3 sentence summary at the blog summary page… everytime I try it also has only 3 sentences on the blog entry pages as well… Am I missing something??

@duncan could you possibly please do a quick video that explains how to do the blog thing? i seem to learn more from watching a video… Reading the documentation sadly didn´t help ME so that I can do it. :frowning: :frowning: Thank you in advance!!

@Dooria79, Checkout Duncan’s video at around the 6min 20sec mark - where Duncan talks you through setting up a blog…

thank you @greenskin. i missed that part. now I got it!

but now I have another problem… the blog how it SHOULD look is now in a different test-sparkle page, because I was trying it out… how do I get it to my actual sparkle page document? drag and drop doesn´t seem to work. can somebody please help?? :frowning:

Hi @Dooria79,

sorry about the trouble with figuring out how the blog works. It would be interesting to understand what the missing piece was, because clicking on the toolbar blog icon and then clicking on the “Add blog post” button seems rather straightforward, surely the stumbling point must be somewhere else?

The blog index currently can’t be dragged across projects, a limitation we hope to get around to lifting. For the time being you should be able to copy/paste the elements around the blog index element itself, from one project to the other. You can drag/drop a blog post from one project to another.

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