Best Browser For Composition?

I set up our site so that it looked good on Safari (which we normally use), then when I checked it on Firefox and Chrome it required scrolling, which we didn’t want. Should we have created the site with, say, Chrome, in mind, and worked backwards from there? Is there a browser that offers a kind of happy mean between all the alternatives? Knowing the answer to that question could save us from a lot of floundering around, resorting to trial and error, etc.

@Alanfitch, This is a tough question to answer and as a web designer I have tried several times over the years! Each browser has its idiosyncrasies however small, but the question to ask is which browser does my targeted audience use most.

If you want to investigate further could I suggest opening up the three browsers and have Sparkle “Preview” to them and then you can see maybe what you can tweak on the Sparkle canvas to have the other two browsers in question work similar.
Good luck! :slight_smile: