Best practices for off centered object & auto scaled

I created a website with the Device Layout setting for PC/LandscapeTablet and all other devices set to auto scaled. I have a video (Marshall House) that I set up to be centered on the page but it shows up on my Mac as off centered to the left. On my iPad it is centered in landscape but off centered to the right in portrait view. Here are my two questions: 1) Is there a reason/fix to get the video centered on my Mac like it is on my iPad in landscape, since that is the device setting default I am using; and 2) if I turn off “auto scaled” on any of the other devices to fix how the video shows up on those devices, in the future am I going to face problems with those devices with the elements in the website since I would presumably now be in “custom layout”? I also have this same problem with an embedded Hype animation of stars on my homepage not being centered on my iPad in portrait mode. Thank you for any advice. (

Mmm, did you ever solve this?

Pretty much so. I never spent much time sorting out what it took to custom layout on a portrait smartphone after setting everything up for a PC. I was relying on autoscale to take care of everything. I finally took the time on one of my websites to custom layout it for portrait smartphone and through a bunch of trial and error I began to understand how to navigate through it all. The documentation on Sparkle is mostly good, but in some areas it is not real clear. The devices info is one of those areas.

I still have problems with some embedded elements (Hype and Google Sheets) not working in portrait smartphone. Very well probably an issue on the source side that I cannot figure out, so I have to hide those embeds on those pages for that device.

Thanks for the update. Something to,watch out for.