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I’m looking for ways to integrate a shopping a cart system on my sparkle website or advice on ways to build a personalised shopping cart framework from scratch and link it to sparkle. I am aware of the many companies wanting constant payment for using their cart system and for me this pricing is not realistic for serious business.

I may have to use a paid cart system until i can begin to code my own, but would be great if anyone here with some experience with add to cart options and sparkle could share some tips

@DandroidMKII, Wow I tip my hat to you if you are going to build a shopping cart from scratch! That is a big task and then the security layers and database behind it all.

I know that @francbrowne could be of help to you with a shopping cart that you host yourself which will take away the monthly fees.

Knowing there is a lot to maintaining an online store I prefer to use a third-party and there are a few that integrates well with Sparkle now that Sparkle3 is out, like Ecwid, Snipcart, Gumroad, etc…

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Hey @DandroidMKII! Hope everything is fine.

Listen, i understand the pricings can look a bit overwhelming, but for the benefit that comes with it, trust me, its bearable.

I’ve used both Shopify and Ecwid for “serious business”, and i’d truly recommend you give a really thoughtful reading on both of them pricings here: Ecwid and Shopify

Ecwid even have a free forever plan that may suit you (but you’re limited to 10 products only) - just need to create the products on your Ecwid store and insert the embedded code to your Sparkle Website, its really simple and fast.

Just a reminder that this is not sponsored neither I am partnered with any of them, its just from a user / developer perspective.

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My idea of serious business would be crystal clear examples and demos and customers satisfaction in terms of feedback, I was recommenced Stiva cart by persons on sparkle forum, after I have checked their online presence and recent social media post i’m not very impressed, In fact i’m rather annoyed that someone on sparkle is recommending this to me as something i take seriously, now even if the scripts they provide work well the presentation to public is hideously horrible


I am not sure, if you found the right adress… the STIVA shopping cart you will find here
try that one , perhaps you are a bit less annoyed

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Thanks for the heads up Martin they are the same company though and I find their recent advertising very silly and non professional in some places, My opinion as a potential customer walking through the door would be hey these guys don’t look very professional should i invest in this? no new videos on youtube no update to the interface look

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 16.07.19

I’m still willing to give this a try

I recently purchased a script from phpjabbers and it was fine.

If someone here took their time to make a personal recommendation, using their own experience as a guide, why on earth would you find that annoying? I find your reaction bizarre and quite ungracious.

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Nothing to do with me mate i’m just responding to what i’ve seen here, and actually I had not even watched their very sexy mega sale promo video lol. The web experts you can trust? okies

This is how they represent their business? [quote=“jazzbird, post:7, topic:3375”]
I find your reaction bizarre?? bizarre??
Someone on here recommended this and i’m just pointing it out, it’s often the first impression that a decision rest on, While not 100% on this, i’m very sure duncan at sparkle would never promote a sparkle sale with soft porn.

You said you were annoyed, no? You’re assuming that the person recommending the script even knew this ad existed - “mate”. Give people the benefit of a doubt rather than going off the deep end and assuming the worst. Pathetic ad I agree. And as a woman I find it particularly distasteful but I had not seen it before and frankly, the internet is full of disgusting imagery. But that does not take away the fact that their scripts seem good and I had nothing but a positive experience with them. Who knows what they were thinking when making the silly ad.

People are generally very nice and helpful here. They know I’m a novice but have taken the time to help me numerous times.

I don’t bite the hand that feeds me.

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Actually jazzbird annoyed was a nicest way to describe how I really felt, Well I was expecting something much more professional looking and up to date

Please excuse my rudeness, I am normally very polite, however as these scripts will be connecting to the money handling section of any particular business/institution via website, this is essencially one of the most important aspects along with security, customer services, health and safety and so on.

If you get it wrong it could cost you everything, and this is no laughing matter, which is why I’m making other users aware of this, be careful how you represent yourself and businesses to the public.

I’ve spent two weeks plus more researching various shopping cart integration and basic coding, looking at templates and while i am grateful for this recommendation, surely this cannot be the best there is, i could be wrong though

the search goes on

ECWID is the ticket for a serious shop. Just a warning that after the10 free items the ECWID platform becomes very, very pricey.
For the SPCA and non profits I represent we’ve linked a Pinterest account to a website. Pinterest is quite reasonable, and rather embedding images etc we just do some thumbnail images of product, then link all to Pinterest. Works for us.

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Plus one for ECWID. Pricing is reasonable and support is excellent. To be honest for any serious business the cost of the shopping cart is not normally an obstacle.

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