Better view and handling of groups and visibility of the Device View

It would be really great, if there’s such a thing to make the Layers and Objects hierarical visible. Like all the graphic programs. This would help a lot. I throw an idea into here like here where you can select which element is visible in which view:

Would be great to see something like that in Sparkle and would make some things a lot more transparent


Thanks for the suggestion @lqud. We should do something in this direction.


That sound great, Thanks a lot.

It’s a really good idea.
I would also like to have a layers palate so individual items can be selected when there are several layers.
I know you can use the contextual menu to select particular items when they are on top of each other, but this is not always easy, particularly as item have generic names like’text’ and ‘image’
It would also make it much easier to see which items are comprising a selection. In other words, if it were dynamic, you could select a number of items with a marquee , and then see what was there, and which item is on top, which is at the bottom, and those in between. Being able to assign them a layer at that point would be awesome

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Maybe even something more simpler is have the breakpoint icons below a heading “Make Visible” and with the element selected on the canvas you then tick below the device icon.

This would feel less of a database arrangement and keep things consistent in the right-hand column.

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Depending on what you’re doing … so if an element is invisible or under an other element it’s hard to select it from the canvas. Even in more complex sites with different elements in every Device it’s hard to organise everything and it’s good to have full control and instant access over every element …

@lqud, Yep agree on that! I do think it is something that will happen one day as Sparkle evolves! Just these last 12 odd months Sparkle has come a far way so I’m confident because the Sparkle Team is doing a fantastic job so I can’t wait to see what is next! :slight_smile:

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I think this makes a lot of sense, and would be very useful!

As @greenskin says, I think the future is bright, and Duncan and co are doing a fine job. As Sparkle progresses in development I’m sure a lot of this kind of stuff will be added.


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Yes, of course the Sparkle Team is doing a great job … definitely!