Big auto save files

very large auto save files and folders are created on my macbook pro. I got a message your ssd is starting to fill up, so I started looking for it. my website is kept in a different location so don’t understand why this is happening. can i prevent this?

There’s definitely a sore spot in how macOS handles document versions, I’m not sure if Sparkle should be using different integration with the system but I also have a hard time pinning the issue on Sparkle.

The problem has been first publicly documented with relation to Sketch:

Anyway you can delete older versions of your project by doing this:

  • open your project file in Sparkle
  • open File → Revert To → Browse All Versions
  • once you are in the version browser you can go back to previous versions of the document
  • on each older version of Sparkle you can select File → Revert To → Delete this version

Please not that this is a macOS UI, and is very well hidden, but it is there, reread the instructions if you don’t find the menu option.

This clears out older versions of big files.

Deleting DocumentVersions, as suggested in the article above, is safe in that nothing crashes, but it’s also heavy handed in that you lose all old versions for files, which is sometimes useful.

You can disable document versions for just Sparkle by entering this in the terminal:

defaults write eu.riverdesign.sparkle ApplePersistence -bool no

or globally:

defaults write -g ApplePersistence -bool no