Big Sur and Apple Silicon

With Big Sur on the horizon and Apple Silicon coming at the end of the year, I’m quite excited about the long term plans Apple are laying down. Am I in the minority with this, or do you guys welcome the big changes coming to the Apple Platform?



Are there any screenshots anywhere? Haven’t seen any in the wild yet.

@rimram, it is a bit of a funny name but then I can see the message behind it!

Yes, I’m stoked about it because we are going to get some pretty well specked out iMacs down the funnel. More so I can see the merging (not all together, but consistent core functions) of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS so that will make things interesting with Sparkle - we could be seeing an iPadOS version… well at least for editing maybe!

Its funny because this was the dream of Microsoft, but then they are more of a jackal and hyde when it comes to their promises! :frowning: I can see Apple perfecting it!

I can also see Apple being able to implement the swipe from screen device to screen device like in Avatar as their three OS’s get integrated/intermeshed as time goes on… can’t wait! :slight_smile:

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@greenskin Yes excited, but it’s a little more complicated for us audio guys because Apple Silicon doesn’t support any Thunderbolt, and that’s important for us who do audio recording / realtime recording because Thunderbolt can give us less than 1 msec latency at 16 /32 samples 96K buffer rate. It will be interesting how Apple deals with this issue. Also Thunderbolt is an Apple / Intel product, so I’m wondering if a) Apple can support PCI and Thunderbolt eventually, b) Apple bring yet another protocol / hardware interface into existence etc.

@rimram, I hear you, but I’m sure Apple will do their homework to nut all those issues out before the time. I’m sure it will be a while though, but from what I remember from the keynote they have been testing this new chipset since 2018.

I’m also exciting because with such a massive internal shift we will see likewise in a new looking iMac! :slight_smile:

I think it is the right time for Apple to do this. I can’t wait to see what amazing results they will be able to achieve with their silicon. Exciting times!

I think the pro end Macs may come later at the end of the 2 year transition, like the iMac Pro and Mac Pro. it gives me time to save!!

And hello everybody. :grinning:

Yes definitely exciting times … so much new stuff coming: Big Sur, Apple silicon, Sparkle 3. :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

I remember the last Apple transition 15 years ago from PPC to Intel, that was also an “emotional” one for some people … Intel was the enemy back then, at least for some Apple fans. :crazy_face:

I was planning to buy a new MacBook Pro 16 inch in the coming months … but now I guess I’ll wait a little longer, I haven’t decided yet, it depends if Apple really will ship their first Mac with Apple silicon by the end of the year and what model that will be …

The MacBook Pro 16 inch is still a great machine, of course, but it suddenly seems a bit “old” technology. Ah well, these are really first-world problems … and rather silly, I know. :smile:

I think it makes sense to wait if you are able too. The problem is it might just be a MacBook Air siliconed first. I spent 13k on my iMac Pro so I want to make it last as long as possible! Yikes!!



Yes, I think it makes sense to wait … my current MacBook Pro is only 4 years old and still more than okay.
We’ll see … :smile: