Bing Indexing nightmares

Sorry if this is slightly off topic but I’m stumped. Although my website isn’t new (15 years plus) and has happily enjoyed indexing and first page positions in all that time across major SE’s, my recent sparkle rehash of my site is flagging up in Bing as being malware. Have checked and rechecked. No malware on my site. Other SE’s index fine. According to Bing Webmaster tools there are no guideline issues or technical issues. I use an SEO program that I trust to make sure my seo is in check. I have contacted Bing support who eventually replied …. In the most unhelpful way …. That my site has been checked and doesn’t follow guidelines. They off no other suggestions or assistance. In bing site search all pages are coming up with malware.
After extensive web searching turns outa lot of other users are experiencing the same thing with no resolution. However it has been said about things like iframes and adverts can break there guidelines confusing as malware. I don’t have adverts.

I hate to ask the question but has anyone else had experience like this with Bing and is there a possibility of anything Sparkle that can cause the malware confusion. (I’m sure it’s not the case but like I said … I’m stumped)

For reference the website is

Many thanks in advance.

I know for myself Bing has been a bit off for the last 2-3 months so maybe they are going through some sort of readjusting?

I had a quick look at your site and no errors come up for any of the pages except your Contact page. A lot of warnings and errors are being thrown regarding the embedded Google Maps. So if anything I would see why that might be…

Thanks for that. I could understand it if Bing only excluded the contact page but it’s all of then. Thanks for looking. I think i’ll probably just wait it out.

There was ots of talk about Bing not indexing if google ads past and present had been on your pages. Conspiracy theories?.. probably. But it makes you wonder.

Thanks again