Black Friday 2021 (and a peek at Sparkle 4)

The exact timing of what was once “Black Friday” has become a bit elusive for online sales, but I guess people associate the idea of “Black Friday” with discounts. That’s what we just launched.

The discounts are on one time purchase items for new customers, and it applies for purchases from our website and from the appstore (it might take a few hours for those to be visible in all appstore regions).

We have a post about all this on our blog, with details on a few of the features coming in Sparkle 4.


Is there a “Black Friday” discount for existing Sparkle 3 users who want to upgrade to Sparkle 4?

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Hi @PWeinwurm, there is no Sparkle 4 yet, so it’s early to be taking about discounts. We will have an upgrade plan by the time we release it (which we still hope to do in December).

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Sparkle 4 sounds so exciting!

I bought the upgrade to Sparkle Pro 2020-11-30

Is there going to be a fee for upgrading to Sparkle Pro 4?

PS FYI: I don’t mind a fee as you guys earn your bread. I’m just curious…

There will be an upgrade fee, the details will be announced in due time.

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I have the subscription of sparkle, is the update included in those?

Yep. Kind of the whole point of subscriptions :wink:

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That sound very promising! How about upgrade for the Sparkle Pro subscription users?

Free upgrade of course!

Although I bought Sparkle 3 Pro in March 2021, I keep getting mailings to buy Sparkle 3. I would appreciate if Sparkle would check this before sending the mailings over and over again.
I like Sparkle very much, but don’t bomb me with these emails please!

Sorry about that. It’s our marketing mailing list. We don’t have a way of discerning who is a customer and what license they purchased unfortunately. You can unsubscribe though.

I can, but then I miss the regular mails, I suppose.
Under Preferences I cannot find a way to disable just these emails…