Black Friday deals (not just Sparkle)

It’s not Black Friday but that’s what we collectively call this holiday discount season.

In the spirit of being thankful, the software deals are giving less money to each developer, but are giving them visibility and generally speaking an overall higher volume of sales.

Here’s a list of Mac software deals, which includes Sparkle. Enjoy and share!

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Additional tip from a Sparkle customer (haven’t tried myself):

  • get an Apple gift card from Target (ecard, online), it’s 30% off
  • pay using the target RedCard to get an additional $10 off

Buy Sparkle (or any other app) from the App Store to add up the discounts.

For example Sparkle Pro is $69.99 for a few more days. You could get the $50 and the $25 gift cards, paying them $52.50 (30% off from $75), and save the additional $10 by using the RedCard.

This means you pay Sparkle Pro, regularly $119.99, just $42.50, or a total 65% discount.

UPDATE: actually only one card is discounted, so get the $100 card, you pay Sparkle the same, and you have some extra cash in your iTunes credit.

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