Blank line spacing, Not publishing

On the last site I used an old desktop publishing trick to change the spacing between text lines, in order to decrease the size of the gap to a much smaller font size.

I took me a couple tries to figure out if I put in a letter and resize it down to 6pt, then put a blank in front of it, then delete the letter I could leave the space and have a 6pt line (blank) between 2, 11pt lines/rows.

I just tried the same thing only if I only leave a spacebar (space) and not a letter now it wont publish the smaller size 6pt line (blank).
It displays it in the Sparkle app. But does’t produce it on publish.

Now the only way I can get it to work, is to use a letter at 6pt and hide the letter by making it the color of the background.


Why not use the setting to adjust line spacing?

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I thought I had a reason, guess not.
That worked, thanks