Blog has a huge blank space after the posts and after pagination

Help. I’ve searched for a solution but nothing worked.

Using Safari Web Inspector I see these settings before and after the pagination object.

The Div is huge???

I’ve tried different post counts 1, 5, 20 with the same huge space after the posts and after the pagination.

Yeah it looks like you have an invisible element placed. Maybe you have introduced the element on another device. Maybe turn on Show elements not visible on this device (the eye-icon in the upper right of the UI) and see what it is.

So when you push the Pagination element up the page it doesn’t move?

Thanks but there are no hidden elements. The Pagination element is set to follow page bottom and page bottom is right after last post.

Can I safely delete the pagination element and add a new one?

Problem solved. I deselected Move With Page Bottom in the Arrange panel. Now works as it should.

I created a new empty blog and the Pagination is not set to Follow Page Bottom.

I guess Sparkle takes care of the positioning regardless of number of posts per page.

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Great! :slight_smile: Well done!

I would have suggested not to delete the pagination because it is part of the blog function and not something you can add individually.

Thanks for your help.

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