Blog-Index broken by my fault - and now?


I guess I did something wrong and broke my blog index: I wrote a lot of short articles and expect to find them all in the short form/rss form in the blog index - but only the last one was shown there. I created a new blog with test posts - and it works. I guess during formatting I deleted something on the index page. My question is: how can I transfer my existing blog post to a working index OR how can I re-index my index page so that the “sub” pages are shown. Solved: the background page was so huge, that it looked like there where no further posts. At the moment I have no idea, how I can shrink it, but I am working on it…

I cannot delete the named index and - btw - I cannot hook or unhook “show in blog-Index” on all sides because it is greyed (and unhooked).

Second question: is it possible to use the folder option instead of “on highest level” for blocks?

Any help is very appreciated.

Kind regards