Blog Index customisation

Hello Community and @duncan ,
I’m using Sparkle Pro for about 2 weeks now and i find amazing despite some bugs occuring sometimes.

I’m currently desigining a web site that contains a huge amount of content (particularly in the blog side), well, there are hundreds of blog articles and i wanted to know if there is a way within the blog index that handles all the articles to :
• shorten the text shown (for example taking into consideration only the first 15 words and finishing with “…” and a “Read More” button that leads to the article.
• To duplicate the “Blog Post Pagination” to have one above and one below the blog index making it easier for the reader to navigate.
Do you think it is feasible within Sparkle Pro ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Yes, you can. It is the so-called RSS view of a post.
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However, this does not happen automatically, but must be done manually for each post.
If you already have a lot of “unprocessed” blog posts, a lot of work is in store for you.

That is not possible.

Mr. F.