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Hi Everyone!

Just a quick question (I hope)!

Can I put the blog-index.php into a folder?

Many thanks!


I would do it. But not only the index file, but I would move all blog entries (of this specific blog) into this folder.

But I don’t know how Sparkle reacts when files are simply moved. So I would save the project under a new name first. Then you have a fall back solution as backup in case something goes wrong.

Good luck!

Mr. F.

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@jazzbird, The blog index and the blog posts are already in its own folder (aka section) called “Blog”.
Sparkle doesn’t allow a section within a section so the blog index can’t go into a folder.

On the right hand panel you can assign your blog into a folder and name it, but I haven’t used that so if someone else can chime in and let us know how you use it that would be great.

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Hi @greenskin

I think we need to differentiate here. A section is not necessarily a folder or subfolder.

Maybe she just wants to create a “clean” URL for her blogs.

As it looks she has already implemented it successfully.

Mr. F.

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Thank you ever so much @Mr_Fozzie and @greenskin. I did manage to do it! Looks much better now and far neater. I run two separate blogs on my personal website (one a regular blog and one a bookshelf of sorts). I am really loving how Sparkle blogs work as I continue to work with it. Everything has a clean URL now.

Thank you both again!

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