Blog Index link back to Post breaks

Seems I am not understanding something about links between the blog index page and the blog post. Any help will be appreciated.

On the post page, I set “On Click” to link to the post. When on the post page full view, it works great (clicking takes one back to the top of the post). The post page title is included on the summary view and “On Click” shows to link to the blog post page, same as on full view. But, from the Blog Index page, the summary links to the index not back to the post. Clicking takes one to the top of the index page.

What I am I missing?


Maybe the RSS View of the blog page (what is seen in the summary). You can edit it individually with Links, Text and Images.

Mr. F.

Thanks for the reply @Mr_Fozzie. I think I resolved the issue.

Using smartfield:pgtitle on the post remains relative to the current page; exactly as intended for the smartfield. However, when it is used in the blog summary captured for the blog-index, the smartfield is too smart, or I am not smart enough :thinking:. Nevertheless, the relative reference seems to defeat the purpose of using the smartfield for the blog title in the summary.

@duncan : Am I correct? One cannot use smartfield:pgtitle on the post as a mechanism to link back to the post from the summary on the blog index? Or did I miss some detail?

Smart fields affect text content, not links. So how the link works is unrelated to the use of smart fields. Smart fields are a convenience to make the text show the blog post title.

The link on the post title in general should be set to go to the post page, and this will work in the page (which is a bit redundant), in the index and in the RSS feed.

Testing with a blank new project and adding a blog post does exactly this and appears to work fine.