Blog is recently wonky

My latest blog posting (titled - Yet again slides) is not showing up in Preview, or after publishing to web host. (in Ukraine)

I tried deleting 5 of the earliest blogs on the list. That did NOT help.
Their titles still showed up on the published list of blogs, but clicking any of the 5 went to a failed result.

I tried moving a leading graphic in a couple of the blogs, to a lower position on the page. That did not help.

Have NOT tried reverting to an earlier version of the website.

Wisdom anyone ?

Joseph O’Laughlin

Is there a capacity limit on the number of blogs?
If I delete an older blog, does that enable new blogs to be allowed?


Q: Do you know if there is any limitation to the total number of possible blog posts?
A: There’s no limit, though arguably the page list on the left sidebar is the limiting factor currently. (Duncan, Aug 5, 2021)

Or what is a “blog” for you? A single blog post page or the whole blog with RSS and index page?

Mr. F.

If you have glanced at my Sparkle website you will have seen multiple blog pages and the index.

A blog for me is more or less a daily record. I don’t know how to do RSS or expose it to the world? Perhaps a series of little “hero” pages ?

My issue is the blog pages seem to be scrambled - with some disappearing. Before I did not insert any pictures. Now I have been but have also been noticing some scrambled behavior.

Thank you for your question,

Joseph O’Laughlin

Hi Joseph.

Yes, i had a peek into My first impression was o-m-g :zipper_mouth_face:

Did you have a look in the Sparkle Blog Documentation?
The RSS view is inbuilt and has to be customized by you. That’s what you will see in the index.

Maybe I think too old-fashioned, but a blog looks different to me. Only a outline of the actual post appears in the index. There is a clear structure and outline. Both is missing in your blog.

You write that the pages are scrambled and something seems to be missing? I can see 5 posts that appear sorted by date in descending order. Where is the problem?

Mr. F.

Hi Mr. Fozzie,
Will you point me to ideal examples of the blog structure you favor?
My current 5 pages are the result of deleting about 10 previous pages where I saw problems.



Hello Joseph.

Here’s one, travel related, that looks more like a blog to me.

Travel Blog

The layout is of course a bit different than what Sparkle would create. Here the index page is arranged vertically, whereas Sparkle would arrange it horizontally.

But the essential features Sparkle can do as well:
Date, tags [Europe Travel], the headline, an excerpt from the text, and the links to the actual blog entry [image, title, → Read more].

What you see on the index page are in Sparkle the RSS views of the post.

Mr. F.

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That looks like a menu for ad copy.
I don’t have that much to say; certainly nothing to urge on others to do.

You are right - I don’t know how to condition the blog posts so they don’t come up as bullets dropping down from Menu items.

I’ll RTFD about Sparkle blogs, as you suggest.



Hi Mr. Fozzie,
I’d appreciate to look at the skeleton blog template you described.
I can see the web view using Preview?

Please send a downloadable to

Thanks for your time and energy,


@Mr_Fozzie just out curiosity (cause i new that there was still work being done on “Big Ben”, and ) i found the dates a little awkward)
i did check the pictures (from a live cam on March 22nd and the picture on the blog, and i am not sure if the posted picture is actual :grin: , have a look yourself:

Here from the live camera at that date:

Ha ha. I really don’t care :laughing: . This blog is not my website.

Mr. F.